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The Masterin by Dhacxaahsvost The Masterin by Dhacxaahsvost
Character Info:

Name:Galen Wagner; aka Da'aya or Madaya
Alias: "The Eye of The Raven"(Raav'Naira), "Rukh'Ravatim"(Bird of War), Raav'Raque (Raven Sword)
Weight: 70 kg
Height: 175 cm
Silhouette: sinewy, slim
Hair: black, curly
Eyes: pale blue
Complexion: pale
Race: Taelon/Shapeshifter/Ostraci/Beanshee
Alignment:chaotic good
Personality: rather serene but easily to annoy, very honorable, a bit vengeful
Appearance age: 35/45 yrs
Current age: 40 000 yrs old
Totem Animal: raven, cat, dog, snake, rat, cockroach, spider, dragon
Proffesions: Qin'Qintim (Queen of Queens in laq'eck),
necromancer, druid, sorceror, seer, alchemist, biochemist, high priestess, teacher, warrior, diplomat
Social Position: noble
Extra Powers: shapeshifting, clairvoyance (but only her own future, 1 hr forward after fucusing), massive psionic and magic abilities (she is allmost demigoddess)
Weapon of Choice: quarterstaff, spear, rapier, spellcasting

Galen was born as Taelon in diplomatic caste. Then she/he was genderless and her/his name was Da'aya. His/her first choice of proffesion was science, but when war between the Jaridians and Taelon has intesyfied, he/she joined the army. Quickly Da'aya promoted to captain of battleship M'thraa class. One day, during warfare Da'aya's ship was shot down and has to do emergency land at closest suitable planet. The planet was inhabited by Ostraci, Fearie and Mamune people. The locals accepted the survivors as their own. Years passed, and Da'aya became Galen, a very beautiful and wise woman of "Thu'Umaah" race/tribe. First she was married to Qual'pho, one of her kind, she had with him three sons, Co'ona, Co'odo and Lo'oca. But she was very unhappy with her first husband and they has divorced. Few years later she met handsome jeridian sciensist, Ramaz. She fell in love with him and did not care about his race, she goes after her heart voice. With Ramaz she had three daughters, Barbara, Laurell and Megan. Still she was climbing up at the social ladder, till she became the High Priestess and spiritual and political leader of Ostraconians.

Galen is much more good than evil. She is kind, rather serene person, but whem somebody or something is not going after her thoughts, she is blowing her top, yelling at innocent people, using ugly words and often kicks in the butts everyone who has the misfortune to find in her reach...

Galen is great fencer, and she is mistress of staff and spear fighting and every martial arts. In hand-to-hand fight her favorite attacks are all combinations of kicks and head blows. She have surgical plate in her head and artrifical hip and kneel joints, so her head is very top and her left leg is heavier than right one. Also Galen got artirfical left eye, which is a wonder of electronic prosthetics. Thanks to this eye she can see 360 degrees, in infared and in ultraviolet, make photos, record and overhear people, use it as spyglass, use it as viewfinder, to upload and download datas to compatible computers.

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costage Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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